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Colors of Life – Elena Armosti June 25, 2010

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Elena Armosti, through her first personal exhibition with title “Colors of Life” seeks the light through the gloomy routine of everyday life. She observes life around her through a different lens and imprints the reality as she perceives it. Magical pictures and powerful emotions are the main elements in her work. Paintings full of colors and liveliness lead us to a search for life’s lost beauty.

Through her painting, the artist repose the colors of her own life into the eyes of the spectator, leaving him to judge her strength. She lives through the colors that spring through her heart, giving light in her life. Main source of inspiration is the life itself and her beloved people. As she comments “my paintings are like diary pages, where I unfold faces, emotions and moments of my life through colors. Each painting is enclosed within a piece of me, a piece of my soul”.

Elena Armosti was born and raised in Ayios Dometios where she lives up to today. She graduated from York University in Toronto, Canada with a BA in Visual Arts and during the past few years, she works as a graphic designer in the private sector as well as an art trainer at Nicosias Training Centres. She is also an amateur actress taking part in theatrical plays, and helping various theatrical productions.

She is particularly interested in the artistic development of her country and the aim of her exhibition is the projection of her work in the city where she was born, raised and lives for the past 30 years.

The exhibition will take place in Akropolis Park, at the exhibition section in the Caves, and will last from June 23rd until June 30th 2010.

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday 18:30 – 22:00
Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 22:00

The inauguration will be executed by Mr. Constantinos Mitsides, Board Chairman and Managing Director of Mitsides Group, on Wednesday, June 23rd 2010, at 20:00.


Strovolos, Nicosia Cyprus

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