Female Artists Cyprus

“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

Helena Georgiades Designer/Maker August 4, 2010

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A textile designer who specializes in knitted accessories. I run the business on my own, construct and produce my accessories using my own equipment. I use high quality yarn to gain a luxurious appearance- such as lambs wool, cashmere and silk. I produce a range of accessories, taking inspiration mainly from the Art Deco period. My products are unique, fun and if you’re looking for something different for self or gift, these products are high quality and all hand made. Since it takes time to produce the pieces, some pieces are limited and many styles will be unique to each customer.
Patterned Scarves
Patterned scarves available in various widths, with either a curl or plain end. Either made of Lambs wool or a Cashmere/Silk mix yarn. The main base is a dark colour tone with bright contrast of colour. The pattern adorning the scarves are inspired by the Art Deco period. Some options of these designs are unisex.
From chunky jewellery made of ribbon yarn, which gives a bold elegant appearance. To thinner constructions of necklaces and bracelets. There are many designs in the jewellery range which are light weight and easy to wear. Some pieces are adorned with Swarovski Crystal to make them extra special and attractive.
Small range of knitted hats, decorated with buttons, Swarovski Crystal or feathers. Some of the knitted cloche can be worn with a matching scarf. Each can be tailor made in terms of colour choices and decoration if an individual requires.
She also produced one off millinery headpieces.


Tel: 96320160 / 9932498


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