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“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

Snezana Nena Bujosevic October 18, 2010

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Snezana Bujosevic, born the 22nd August 1966 in Belgrade, Serbia, is a self-taught artist, and currently resides in Nicosia, Cyprus. Her talent was discovered in her earlier years of childhood, but did not develop it until the year 2001, when she moved to the island of Cyprus. She then uncovered her abilities and started putting her ideas on paper and canvas, and today works with matured, more professional manner, making art of her life. Being mainly self-taught, she develop a more personalized expressive way of painting various subjects, from figurative to still life.

She is an expressive painter of various subjects ranging from figurative to still life. She paint in a variety of styles from realism to abstraction. Most of her work is done in oil. Her realism work is characterized by strong contrast of light and shadow, dynamic composition and vibrant colours. She has always been enthralled by fine art, where she found most her inspiration generated from. Being mostly a self taught artist, she find experimentation a productive way of expressing her ideas on canvas, with the help of numerous art courses in various techniques. She has much benefited over the years from studying the human form and body.

Much of her work is displayed in numerous galleries all around Cyprus and Serbia, and much of it found a home in many of my customers’ homes’.

She is currently a lasting member of many art associations, through which much of her work is displayed.

E.N.A.Z. (Society of Self-taught artists in Cyprus)

Cyprus Visual Arts Association

Cyprus Art Association – Technotropio

In the last two years, she has had two solo exhibitions, as well as many joined exhibition.


Email: nena@snezana-bujosevic.info

Telephone: +357 99 524007


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