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“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

Angie Coyne October 20, 2010

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My love of Egg Artistry began in the early 1980’s after reading a one page article in a craft magazine, which spurred me on to find out as much as I could on the subject.

Egg Art has been around for many hundreds if not thousands of years in varying forms and many different countries.  By far the most famous Egg Artist is, of course, Fabergé, the Russian Jeweller, but he did only use precious metals to make his eggs with precious stones to adorn them with no sign of a real egg shell.

I joined the Egg Crafters Guild of Great Britain which had been initiated by Joan Cutts MBE and then proceeded to teach myself, as seminars and workshops were held in the north of England rather than the south, where I lived.

In the main, my work has been on a commission basis and I only began exhibiting during the 7 years I spent in Bangkok, Thailand.  This led to demonstrating and teaching on a weekly basis, which I enjoyed but left me with little time to concentrate on my own work.

Since Moving to Cyprus in 2004, the opportunity to create has been largely on hold due to several excursions overseas to Bahrain, Dubai and Copenhagen, during which time my interest turned to Stamp Art, a much more portable creative activity.

As we now seem to be ensconced back home in Polemi I can now concentrate more on my first love creating for the Angela Rose Collection.

email: coyne@cytanet.com.cy

Tel: 26632000 / 99087014


3 Responses to “Angie Coyne”

  1. I like the one of the faerie in an eggshell. It is quite exquisite.

  2. Angie Coyne Says:

    Thank you, Norman. I have to admit that my best creations are usually those designed not for commissions, but for people I know well. The Faerie egg was a birthday gift for a close friend.

    • Glynis Smy Says:

      I am the lucky friend! The photograph does not portray the beauty of the piece.

      Angela is too modest. All of her works are stunning. The magnificent ones she has crafted for the show, deserve high praise indeed. I have been oohing and aahing for weeks.

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