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Cyprus Business Woman of the Year Award 2011 November 20, 2010

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The search is on for the most inspiring business woman in the annual Cyprus Business Woman Award 2011. The award, in its 5th successful year aims to celebrate and recognise successful women in business in Cyprus of all nationalities and ages. These successful women become role models to other women wishing to launch their own business.

Administrated by CAS – Cyprus Awards Schemes. The award is the only one of its kind in Cyprus and has rapidly gained prestigious awareness in its objective to select winners who have overcome obstacles in setting up a business in Cyprus and progressed positively and pro-actively.


“Winning Cyprus Business Woman of the Year 2010 was a huge boost for my confidence and an added impetus to continue and persevere in my efforts, both for Cyprus-Tickets and our Educational Programmes. The public recognition of the effort to modernise and bring Cyprus within a European approach to online ticketing was and is heartening, and after just one year, we continue to grow and develop. The Award has also generated a considerable amount of publicity which has been an added bonus.”

Saskia Constantinou

Music Producer-Journalist

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation



Tel: +357-99518871


Key judges will be elected to decide on four Finalists and one out-right winner. The judges’ decision is final and a strict confidential policy is agreed by all parties.

The 2011 Award will have the first male Judge on the panel. The Award Committee is proud and honoured to have the agreement of Jeff Greenwood, Akme Securitas to perform the task with Elena Tanou – NCCI – Nicosia Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Christina Maddocks BNI Cyprus.


Entry Terms & Conditions.

  • On-Line or postal entries are now being accepted. Closing date is 30th January 2011. The Finalists and Winner will be announced at the Gala Award Ceremony.
  • Length of establishment or turnover, also product or service, is irrelevant. The principle is to celebrate the female winner for her achievement to succeed professionally with new marketing initiatives, dedication and strength, overcoming all obstacles personally and professionally.
  • Particular interest to the judges will be if a business woman has targeted a new niche or is doing something innovative in an established field, especially environmentally.
  • The Award is free to enter and applications are accepted at info@cyprusexpoevents@gmail.com Postal entries can be made via PO Box 61530, Kato Paphos 8135.
  • In no more than 300 words please send your nomination with full contact details. Business women can nominate themselves of another candidate.
  • Supporting documents, press releases, news articles, photographs, testimonials or other items which you think will help the judges make informed decisions about your business are acceptable. Please submit any supporting documents together in one document, clearly labelled with your details. Entries cannot be returned so please do not send originals.
  • A nomination entry for each entrant is required. The information provided will be disclosed only to the judges and key Award Administrators.
  • All decisions regarding the judging process are made by our independent judging panel. CAS do not influence this process.
  • You are eligible to enter the Award even if you have been nominated before.

You will be required to submit a new nomination.


  • · The outright Winner will receive the prestigious Award Sculpture to retain for one-year. Each Finalist will receive a specially designed and uniquely branded “busk” by Lynda Keating – Artist.

What People Say…

“Thank you for a fabulous event. I was gobsmacked to be in the final line-up, to say the least!  It was just as good as winning to be honest.”

Jeanette Truscott Timotheou Law – 2010 Finalist.

“It was a great event and I thoroughly enjoy it! Well done for all your hard work organising it!

Nana Kilpelä Head Dealer Currency Solutions.

“Thank you for inviting Akme Securitas to this well organised and deserved event, My self and all my guests had a fantastic evening, thank you.”

Jeff Greenwood, Chairman, Akme Securitas.

Thanks for your good words but I believe you did a greater job in all aspects, Well done for launching the Award concept and implementing the idea in Cyprus.
From all the people that I spoke to, they were thrilled with the event which means that we served the purpose.

Elena Tanou, NCCI – Award Judge.

“Winning the award was a fantastic achievement for me so much that I will never forget how honoured I felt, not to mention the shock. The award has shown my professional ability and therefore brought in more work. I know that lots of my customers have chosen me to teach them instead of other Instructors because of the award even after 4 years.”

Tina Lees, Driving Instructor, Launch Year, First Prize Award Winner.


The Four Finalists and Winner will be announced at the prestigious Gala Dinner Award Presentation Ceremony on Saturday 12th March at 7.00pm. This date has been selected to coincide with the International Woman’s Day.

The Presentation will take place with a high-profile media presence and VIP Guests.

Information and ticket availability on-line www.cyprus-tickets.com 7000 9303.






Telephone Number:



Supply 300 words about your business and achievements to date:

Elena Tanou NCCI Speech


“Cyprus Women of the year” Award 2010

High on the agenda of the activities of the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the effort to improve the presence of the Women in the business and professional environment of Cyprus.

For this reason we partly sponsor the competition for the “Cyprus Woman of the Year” Award 2010.

We had the honour to receive 15 distinguished applications, well documented, with full details of their career achievements, their future ambitions, personal targets and their interests.

These 15 applications are engaged in a wide spectrum of businesses in Cyprus and overseas, they are academically well qualified and most of them also hold significant other professional titles.

They all have their families and they manage to fulfill concurrently their roles as professionals as well as mothers, wives and vice versa. They all undertake an exhausting battle in order to excel in their professional roles. Their career is of paramount importance to them. They are successfully present in their environment and this is mainly due to their strong qualifications, powerful personalities, their commitment and their hard work. Cyprus is positioned highly in the world both in the area of human development and per capita income. Such a status positions Cyprus ahead of many developing countries.

The Cypriot Women are present in a series of substantial fields of the economic development of Cyprus.

Today’s competitive business environment finds the Cypriot Women in Cyprus better equipped with modern management skills ready to reshape the old traditional family business. In the course of such reshaping of the Cypriot business environment our candidates declare themselves dynamically present.

Leaders are the ones who excite others to perform, exceptionally, in pursuit of a goal. Leadership can also be dangerous. There is no guarantee that effective leaders will achieve “good”. However, effective leadership can not flinch from it. It is precisely because leadership can be so powerful in realizing human energies that leaders must ask and answer tough ethical questions.

Leaders will always involve a personal risk. They must always be willing to commit themselves – knowing that they can be undone. This is the price and prize of leadership. Leadership is not a part- time job, is hard, but worth it. We are constantly and pleasantly surprised by the ways in which women of today bring meaning and excitement, they live on the edge between uniqueness and a necessary degree of conformity. They make a difference.

Effective women know the limits to their actions as well as the opportunities, when to get close to others and when to separate, when to accelerate and when to slowdown. Effective women cannot be properly explained by a list of desirable attributes.

Democracy is a fundamental value of the European Union. Its full realization requires that all citizens, women and men alike, participate and be represented equally in the economy, in decision making, and in the social cultural and civil life.

The full and equal participation of women in all sectors of economic, political and social life, at the national, regional and international levels and the eradication of all forms of discrimination on grounds of sex, are also priority objectives of the international community.

No society can achieve either economic growth or social cohesion without taking into account the productive role of women. The empowerment of women, especially their economic empowerment, ensures the development of a sustainable and equitable society.

One can admit progress has been made regarding the situation of women in Cyprus. However , the persistent under-representation of women in specific areas of economic life and decision making mark a fundamental democratic deficit on the one hand and hinder economic progress on the other.

A closer look at the statistics proves that, despite the concern of the EU and the international community about gender equality and despite the progress made so far, women and men still do not enjoy equal rights in practice.

  • Women pocess only 0,9% of the worlds wealth, compared with a rate of 1,5%, which they possessed a few years ago
  • 70% of women are living beyond the poverty line. The problem of poverty in Europe is constantly worsening, due to massive illegal immigration and women constitute the group that suffers most of this.
  • Only 25% of the enterprises in Europe are owned by women
  • Female representation in decision – making bodies is minimal

The globalization of the economy and advanced technologies made the problem even more acute as international players are again mostly men.

A pan European research conducted by Euro chambers in all 27 member countries and in the framework of the EU program “Women in business and in Decision making position” reveals the size of the problem. Not only women businesses are by 87% of micro size but female business ownership in Europe barely reaches 25% of the total number of enterprises.

If we all agree that female entrepreneurship is a key factor for economic growth Europe’s competitiveness is already at a disadvantaged position compared with USA. It is most essential therefore to refocus our priorities regarding women in business and in decision making.

Previous survey studies runned by the federation of BPW, in the area of entrepreneurship showed that the number –owned businesses on the island has increased between 1995 and 2005 from 12% to 21%.

This finding is possibly relevant to the way women entrepreneurs view the future of their company in the new European environment, they are called to compete in.

There seems to be a tremendous increase in the educational level of women entrepreneurs in Cyprus, qualifications formed in the past only 34% this percentage has risen to 88% today.

At the same time Cypriot women entrepreneurs are hard workers. They dedicate more than 50 hours a week in order to run successfully their business. Also today women who start up their own business, select multiple entrepreneurial fields to compete in. they create employment opportunities, embrace exports and the advantages provided by technology and the internet to a greater extend. What we observe today is a gradual shift from first to second generation of women entrepreneurs.

At the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry we work towards breaking any stereotypes and achieving our short and long term aims.

Our vision is clear our targets are set therefore we proceed with determination and commitment






  • Born in Nicosia. Graduated from University of Nancy where she obtained her BA (Hons) in Travel and Tourism Management.
  • She worked in the UK, in the Travel industry specializing in the Sectors of Special Interest Tours and Conferences. Since 1987 she is the owner and Managing director of the Eltano Travel Enterprises LTD based in Nicosia until the year 2000 when the company merged with Top Kinisis Travel ltd, listed in the Cyprus stock exchange. She serves as Vice President of the company.
  • President of the Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women 2005-2008.
  • Vice President for Tourism Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2005 -2008 /2009- 2011.

  • Vice President of the Cyprus Committee of the International Chambers of Commerce
  • Board member at the Cyprus Co-op Women’s Bank.
  • Associate judge at the Industrial Court.
  • Board member of the Dean’s Advisory Council, School of Business of the University of Nicosia.
  • Served as a member of the Board of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation.
  • Past President of the Rotary Nicosia Aspelia club, currently Assistant Governor. She was the chairperson of the 70th District Conference for the year 2006, which hosted 1200 participants in Limassol.
  • Speaker at conferences and workshops specializing on Women’s Issues, especially for women’s Entrepreneurship and Tourism Subjects.


Christina Maddocks is the National Director of BNI Cyprus, the world’s largest business networking organisation, with over 125,000 members in over 40 countries. BNI teaches business people how to implement a referral marketing strategy as well as providing them with a platform to execute this strategy.

BNI’ s philosophy is Givers Gain, build on the old age concept what goes around comes around, if you help enough people to get what they want, people will help you to get what you want. Their mission statement is delivered with passion “Our Commitment is Your Growth!”

Christina Maddocks was born in Berlin, Germany and graduated with a Masters in Strategic International Marketing from Greenwich University, London, UK. She has since then been working in a UK based advertising agency working her way through the ranks from events management, agency traffic management, media planning and buying and client servicing, before acquiring a position in Dubai as the Marketing Manager for Dubai Festival City, Al Futtaim Group of Companies. Dubai Festival City is four square kilometer premier urban community encompassing a retail resort, homes, offices, hotels and leisure facilities all in one place.

During this time she was an active member of the German Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of a BNI Chapter, hence when the opportunity arose to develop BNI in a new region, she and her husband decided to move to Cyprus and she is now actively promoting the power of referral marketing by delivering unique, thought provoking motivational presentations and establishing and training BNI chapters all over the island. In her spare time she loves to cook, travel, sail and ski.


Akme Securitas Cyprus Limited & Akme Security U/K Limited


Key Skills and Achievements

  • Building on experience gained in the Grenadier Guards to become Founder and Director of largest independent security company in Warrington, Akme Security (Group) Ltd with operations covering the North West and Midlands & Cyprus
  • Successfully established Group of Companies employing 270 fully trained SIA Licensed Security Officers, 9 training instructors and 12 office support staff
  • Established Akme Security training school in 1999, Akme Security Services Ltd offering comprehensive, quality training in a range of security qualifications, having recognised a need for staff training in static and patrol, self-discipline, personal responsibility, professionalism  instilling personal standards gained through experience in the Grenadier Guards.
  • Achieved BS EN 9001: 2000 National Quality Assurance (2001) for Akme security Services Ltd:
  • Training and development of self and others including a wide range of qualifications relevant to the security industry qualifications, health and safety, environmental legislation and quality assurance
  • Committed to contributing to local communities by supporting a range of charities and initiatives investing time and financial donations

Akme Security (Group) Ltd 1999 to date

–        Established Akme Security Ltd in 1999 operating physical security deterrent by supplying personnel to commerce and industry on a permanent or temporary basis

–        Employs and trains personnel in key holding alarm response, mobile patrols, personal body-guarding, door supervision and close protection

–        Undertakes insurance surveillance and investigations as and when required – fully qualified staff

–        Diversification includes working in association with CCTV installers, secure warehousing, secure and confidential shredding, boarding up facilities, locksmith, supplying and training concierges and security managers for large establishments also car park management.

–        Recently widened scope of training to offer First Aid at Work, Defibrillation, Static Guarding Patrol, Door Supervision, Close Protection, Conflict Management

Training and Development

Having been awarded City & Guilds 7302 Instructors Certificate 2007 able to offer training in quality and environmental legislation through training arm of Group, Akme Security Services Ltd:

  • Seeking to undertake qualifications in the following in June 2007 so that  the Company can offer a range of training in Health & Safety in the workplace:

–        Fire Safety

–        Manual Handling

–        Risk Assessment in the Workplace

–        Health & Safety Advisor

  • Seeking to undertake qualifications in 2007 so that the Company can offer a range of training in environmental legislation in the workplace:

–        ISO14001:2004 systems

–        Environmental Management

–        Waste management

–        Environmental legislation

–        Producer responsibilities

–        BS8555 / Acorn Scheme

–        Introduction to Integrated Pollution Prevention Control regulations 2000

Company Accreditations – ongoing


  • Akme (Group) Ltd currently seeking to achieve the Disability Symbol (two ticks), as part of wider commitment to Equal Opportunities
  • Akme (Group) Ltd currently seeking accreditation with Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractors Scheme – ongoing (June 07)
  • currently short-listed for the Mayor of Warrington’s Sustainable Environmental Business Award 2007

New Developments

  • Due to ongoing expansion Akme (Group) Ltd seeking to move to new premises in Warrington in Autumn 2007 to incorporate larger and more up to date training facilities to cope with the great demand for courses identified

Previous Experience

Wembley Stadium, Conference Centre, Arena 1994 – 1998

 –      close protection and personal body-guarding  operative to celebrities, including pop stars, snooker players, boxers (1994 – 1998)

Grenadier Guard 1984 – 1996

–      building on prior experience as a Grenadier Guard (1984 – 1995) including guarding Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, Windsor Castle, Tower of London

Personal Qualifications Achieved

Skills for Security Approved Instructor 2007

First Aid at Work St John Ambulance 2007

First Aid at Work Instructor and Assessor Nuco training 2007

Defibrillation Instructor Nuco training 2007

City & Guilds 7302 Instructors Certificate 2007

Conflict Management 1886 City & Guilds 2006

NOCN Level Two Award in Security Guarding (Static and Patrol) and (Door Supervision) 2005

Internal Quality Auditor 2000 (N.Q.A.)

NEBS National Diploma in Security Management 1996

Certificate in Management of Industrial Security – Institute of Management 1996

Certificate in Security Management from Plymouth College of Further Education 1995

Community Contribution


Personal and Company commitment to investing time and donations in a range of charitable activities including

–        Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace

–        Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP)

–        Mayor of Warrington’s Charities

–        Chairman of Household Division (ex Guardsmen) Warrington Association

–        President of local football club – Earlestown Athletic

–        Woolston football club

–        St Rocco’s

–        Disability awareness day (D.A.D)

–        Cyprus Ambassador to good courses

–        Pafos Tigers (junior rugby club)

–        Freemasons craft for good courses


Elena Tanou NCCI, 2010 Winner Saskia Constantinou, Lucie Robson Journalist, Christina Maddocks BNI



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