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Winter Presentation Gathering December 12, 2010

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Local designer Froso Mavrou & The House of Larimeloon – Pantheon invites you to a festive, warm gathering celebrating the launch of  the designer’s new hand-woven collection of handbags at the House of Larimeloon on Thursday 16th of December 2010 at 5pm until 10pm.

At the gathering people will be able to view and purchase the makings of the designer as well as enjoy a beverage along with homemade cakes which will be for sale.

Froso Mavrou has been designing and making her own handmade clothes and handbags for the past 3 years, slowly developing her own personal style. Her products are colorful, unique, functional and always at reasonable prices, considering the amount of time each one takes up to make. Emphasis is given to details in Mavrou’s work, this year, her weaving technique is what gives the difference to her handbags.  You can sample some of the products at her blog www.creativeclothingcy.blogspot.com

The event will start at 5pm and will go on until 10pm. Throughout the evening The House of Larimeloon will host music selections by local music freak Lefteris Moumtzis.

Remaining pieces of her collection will be available at the shop after the presentation.

For more information you can come in contact with us on 22670843.

(Pantheon Cultural Association – The House of Larimeloon. Evagorou Avenue 40, Nicosia, 1st floor)



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