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“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

Andreas C Chrysafis December 23, 2010

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Email: evandia@hotmail.com

Andreas C Chrysafis was born in Cyprus and lived in UK and Canada for most of his life. He’s a published author but today, he devotes his entire time in producing works of art.

No 1. CITY WITHOUT SOUL, 80 X 100 cm. 12/2009 ©

City Without Soul touches the human senses. It depicts the misery hundreds of homeless people encounter on a daily basis especially in Vancouver, by begging and sleeping rough in freezing weather conditions. The painting portrays “faceless” people as nobody really cares for them…and yet, they are dressed in colourful garments to show they are people like you and me and not faceless lost souls to be discarded from society.


No 2. SPRINGTIME, 60 X 80 cm. 02/2010 ©

Springtime represents a scenic view of bales of hay, the sea beyond and a fertile earth covered in colourful spring flowers contouring along the gentle slopes to the shoreline. The maiden, a symbol of fertility, is dressed in a diaphanous virginal garment attempting to feed the doves.

No 3. THE YOUNG ONES 60 X 120cm. O5/2010 ©

The Young Ones illustrates six young men, dressed in outlandish white garments and matching brilliant red coloured-shoes. They are full of vigour and lust for life. Oddly enough, they found themselves in a mystical strange land but the mysterious environment does not bother them. Instead, they set out to enjoy life by dancing on the shoreline and not caring about a thing.


No 4. TROPICANZA 116 X 152cm. 08/2010 ©

Suffused with beautiful colours, Tropicanza draws the viewer right inside the large painting and allows one to explore its magical scenic revelations. It soothes the mind and soul by drifting within a magical world full of calmness, beauty and peace. The tranquil pond is bursting with fish and colourful lily pads, whereas, the two white swans gather twigs for their nest.

No 5. PATIR-ANDREAS of POLIS 8OX100cm. 09/2010 ©

This painting of a wise and graceful old man of God, displays a real person whose purpose in life is to serve his faith. Full of life and surrounded by scented jasmines, his wonderful smile spreads warmth and reassurance. Armoured with the shiny tools of his faith, he appears contend and pleased with his life.


No 6. APHRODITE’S GROTTO 100 X 80cm. 09/2010 ©

Greek goddess Aphrodite has captivated man’s imagination forever it seems. Renowned for her beauty and titillating behaviour to mortals and immortals alike she has always remained a mythical mystery.  Aphrodite’s Grotto presents a beautiful lustful woman walking away from her grotto, but a teaser as she is, she cannot help it but to turn her head for one luring last glance. The black conical stone in the distance is a symbol of fertility of her 3000-year cult at Kouklia in Cyprus, whereas the pomegranates are symbolic of Zeus’s gift to her.

No 7. GRAZING GOATS 80 X 100cm. 10/2010 ©

Grazing Goats is a painting, which illustrates a distant herd in their glory grazing away in isolated peaceful surroundings. The viewer is attracted to examine the beautiful massive rock formation that provides a welcoming shade for the herd. A lone eagle is forever hovering above in search of its next meal.


No 8. GOAT VILLAGE 80 X 100cm. 11/2010 ©

Goat Village has been inspired by Androlikou Village, which it’s swarmed by hundreds of goats living in the dilapidated and deserted stone houses. They have the run of the abandoned village and behave as if they are the new residents of this once flourishing village blossomed with life.

No 9. DONKEYS 80 x 100cm. 12/2010 ©

Donkeys, portrays a peaceful and graceful scene under a fiery sky that allows the viewer to imagine the pleasant surroundings while young fillies graze under the watchful eyes of their mother.



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