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“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

Tatiana Goddard February 21, 2011

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Tatiana Goddard starts with the first fleeting image that touches her soul. Then a unique and magnificent artistic and creative development unfolds. This unique process can only be achieved by unveiling the future feelings of the “doll” – who she is to whom she would like to become.

A doll artist is a person who is able to hear, to feel and to understand the inner life of a future doll creation, which is weaved from her own soul.

Tatiana Goddard is a member of UNESCO International Federation of Artists and a member of the Global Doll society. Since 1992 her dolls have been admired at exhibitions and galleries in New York, London, Paris, Dublin, Rotterdam and Hanover (EXPRO).

Her dolls are emotional, dispensed with character and soul that is tirelessly developed into detailed works of art. They have unique almost talking hands sometimes sad or tired by character expression, sometimes alluring and dynamic characteristics. While peering into the images created by this artist, it becomes clear how deep she is able to feel her heroes; each with its’ own history, feelings and possible destiny.

Tatiana is also particularly attracted to the creation of a portrait doll. To her it almost borders on psycho-analysis, needing her ability to understand and to feel the personality then to bring not only the formal resemblance to the person, but also the inner substance into the image she creates. In this sense Tatiana Goddard is extraordinarily gifted. It is not with vanity that people commission her with a request to make their portrait-dolls, but possibly because they want to see themselves as they are in reality.

Tatiana Goddard
Doll Artist
65B Agiou Dometiou
2407 Egkomi

Handmade Dolls Workshops
Release all of your creativity attending one of Tatiana Goddard’s Sculpting and doll making Workshops.


4 Responses to “Tatiana Goddard”

  1. Very rarely does one come across true delight. With these dolls, I have once again found that delight – they are gorgeous!!! I couldn’t find reference to materials used – what are they made of?
    Best of luck with these – you deserve it!

  2. Thank you very mach Maria for your good words! I use papercley. Very good material for scalpting!! If you have any questions just call me on 99964471 🙂
    By the way i give lessons at home to learn how to make dolls and papercley and fimo 🙂 Your WELCOME!

  3. inselfrau Says:

    Hallo Tatiana,very interesting work.Could it be that I met you in Strovolos art and craft…some months ago?
    Anyway,if you are interested come to see my work from monday(20.00)to friday next week in Skali AglandjiaI am working with silk and I am a feltmaker.All the best.Gabi Boehm,Anoyira,Cyprus.

  4. Hi!Thank you for your nice comment about my dolls!Let talk and meet!!
    My mob 999-64471
    Tatiana Goddard

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