Female Artists Cyprus

“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

About Us April 5, 2010


Patron Yiannis Hadjiloizou, President and Artistic Director, Cyprus Music Academy

Females in the Arts was launched aiming to promote and celebrate females within the creative disciplines. Females established in the Arts in Cyprus are welcome to join the Foundation, contributing and communicating their talents to likewise minded creative individuals, by exchanging ideas to develop the arts in Cyprus, generating awareness and strength in a united force.

Events, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, talks and regional delegations will be planned for members with a website regularly updated with news and a blogging-system for member-support.

The website will have extended benefits for members to post projects and opportunities, providing a communication link. Additionally, approved members will be provided with a link to their website or a page created.

Each Artist will be tracked by genre, media and style. The website will form a resource for anyone searching for artists or artistic services which will be a great way of promoting an Artist’s work. The aim eventually will be to get the site visible outside of Cyprus which would attract more established female artists as a global network.

Member Privileges/Subscriptions

  • Website profile/images.
  • Regional quarterly meetings.
  • Members Promotions/Networking.
  • Events Organising – majoring on two annual “Female Artist Expo’s” launching in 2010 Paphos and Nicosia.
  • Concessionary Members rates for Expos/Talks/Workshops/Seminars.
  • FITA logo usage on corporate stationery.
  • On-Line and Live Art Auctions Participation.
  • Subscription Fee – Annual 100 euros.



Founder/Paphos HQ:


Janice Ruffle 99987672

FITA PO Box 61530, Kato Paphos 8135, Cyprus



Nicosia Regional Officer:

Ntora Angeli 99716700

Antora Jewels




FITA Patron:



Music Director & Conductor

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Community Outreach Program

President & Artistic Director

Cyprus Academy of Music

President & Artistic Director

Melodramatic Stage of Nicosia


Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

This website has been set up for the use of females working within the arts in Cyprus. The site contains galleries of artist’s work, as well as listings about classes and tuition taking place in Cyprus.

Any female artists wishing to add their work to the site should email a biography and web-sized images to Janice Ruffle

You can find us on Facebook and on Twitter

Copyright FEMALE ARTIST CYPRUS all rights reserved 2010-2011


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. I am actually male but interested. Obviously as a follower (sic).

  2. As long as it doesn’t amount to stalking, Norman! ;o)

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