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Silvia Hattum-Tauber April 12, 2010

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Silvia Van Hattum-Tauber

I travelled and lived in Slovakia, Austria, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Beijing. I finally resided in Cyprus. Whilst living in the Far East I was very much attracted to the way the Chinese people painted,  a totally different way with different skills needed compared to the European paint.

By having lessons from various famous Chinese teachers I was able to master those skills. Painting on Chinese rice paper with Chinese watercolours… an art on its own. My paintings were successfully exhibited in Austria, Hong Kong, China and Cyprus.

My contact details:

Name: Silvia van Hattum-Tauber

Tel.no.: 26-936593

Mobile: 99-424682

e-mail: hattum@cytanet.com.cy

Commissions: Pls feel free to phone me…..

Download my PDF portfolio here


Svetlana McCluskey April 5, 2010

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Svetlana McCluskey is from the great tradition of Russian artists. She is from Latvia and now lives in Limassol, Cyprus. Graduating as a teacher from the Latvian Pedagogical Institute, she continued her life-long development by attending a wide variety of art courses. It was in mosaic, however, that she discovered her true passion. She has been working in this field for the last 10 years and has created for her clients many different artworks such as mirror frames,  tables , floor medallions, niche inserts, 3D objects and stunning wall murals. She works with the entire range of mosaic materials, including marble, ceramic and glass tiles, broken china and smalti,  but in her personal work she is consistently drawn to stained glass with its visual depth and light  and its seemingly limitless palette of colors which offer endless possibilities.

Contact Information


POBOX 58346, Limassol 3733

e-mail : lana@cytanet.com.cy


Sharen Taylor

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Sharen Taylor

Mosaic Artist, Paphos, Cyprus.

Born in Morecombe, Lancashire, UK. 1960
Graduated in Fine Art, sculpture, at Exeter Collage of Art & Design 1983
Diploma in Archaeological Conservation 1886
Department of Ceramics,Glass & Mosaics at The British Museum 1984 to 1988
Freelance Archaeological and Museum conservator, Cyprus. 1988 to 1999
Specializing in mosaics from 1996 to 1999
Mosaic Designs from  2000 to present day. Teaching.  Supplying materials. Commissions, small and large scale for Private Homes and Corporate buildings, in Cyprus and Europe. Mosaic commissions also exported to Canada and America.
Each unique work brings joy and inspiration. Sharen`s mosaics, large or small, are designed with attention to detail and built to withstand our extreme climatic conditions, bringing permanent color, texture and strength. My inspiration comes from the location.
Present commissions:
Mosaic floor for The Elia Golf Club House , Paphos, Cyprus.
Memorial Wall for The Evangelismos Hospital, Paphos, Cyprus
Malibu Beach house, California, USA
Studies for The American Academy school, Paphos.
Beginners Course 5th MAY -9th June, 6 sessions 2010 (limited availability)
Glass cutting course 20th MAY, 3 sessions (3 places)
Children`s summer course dates to be confirmed.
Mobile   00357 99603782
Tel/Fax  00357 2693033

Cristina Countas

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I was born in Romania and through marriage I came to Cyprus 25 years ago. I have studied mechanical engineering but I have not practiced my profession because I was always attracted to art. Until now I had four individual exhibitions, each one in a different field of art.
The first exhibition took place in 1993 at the Kourion hotel in Limassol and the opening was performed by late John Corbidge. The title was “Expressions of art through knitting” and I exhibited hand knitted jumpers being inspired by famous painters (Miró, Kandinsky, Klee, and John Corbidge). This exhibition was successful because of the originality of the work presented and was broadly commented and broadcasted on TV and published in “Selides” magazine.

As I do not like to repeat myself and being attracted to new challenges, in 1996 I tried a new domain of art in producing Christmas decorations. The name of the exhibition was “Holy night” and it took place at the Cultural exhibition center of the Bank of Cyprus. Dr Amerikos Arghyriou opened the exhibition and part of the proceeds was used to fund the Theotokos Foundation. The work shown had very original ideas expressed in sculptures, wall hangings, tapestry and table decorations. The appreciation of the visitors was felt through the amount of extra pieces ordered.
Having completed this subject I engaged myself in a new venture and started to carve and decorate ostrich and hen eggs. Again I had series inspired by my preferred painters (this time Miro and Robert Delaunay) as well as the famous Greek jeweler Elias Lalaounis. This time I exhibited my work in 2000 at my studio/house. The originality of the work attracted many visitors and buyers.
Trying to express my inner world as comprehensively as possible through art, last year I started studying silk painting. Since no help was available locally, I purchased many books that I studied thoroughly and started experimenting. The result being beyond my expectations.
I decided to show the beauty of this field of art in a new exhibition. The idea behind this exhibition was to present wearable art. My work comprises of kaftans, shawls, paintings and special evening wear all hand painted on pure silk and embroidered with Swarovsky crystals and colorful beads and sequins. The theme of the exhibition was “Metamorphosis through silk” and the symbol I used was the butterfly. It took place in Limassol at the Londa hotel on April 3rd being opened by the Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou. The duration was three days and it was widely publicized through many fashion magazines and shown on the local channels and Sigma TV.

The visitors appreciated the professionalism with which the whole venue was presented, having included a fashions show as well.


Mary Chojnowski

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Mary Louise Chojnowski. Aims and projects.

I work as a community artist and I create my own artworks for exhibitions and private commissions. I get a lot of inspiration from working with the community, especially young people and children. My connection with schools began when I had my own children, and has grown into a career of community projects. I spent over 10 years in London with schoolchildren making large scale public pieces of art. Some have won awards for the schools. I aim to create work which the children and schools will always love and be proud of, at the same time as showing children: the life & skills of an artist, how a workshop functions and how important their creativity is for society.

I believe I will always be actively involved in education, and ensuring creativity is nurtured in our schools. My ambition now is to work with many more young people here in Cyprus and to make more public artworks for the Paphos region which will be treasured for years to come.

I am currently working with the children at the International school in Paphos to transform the exterior of their building with mosaics.

I love the process of transforming towns and cities through the creativity of the people who live there, and now there is a real need in our societies for creative thinking and a sense of responsibility for our community. The most amazing part of working with young people to create public art is the sense of pride and ownership they feel for what they have created.

My link with Cyprus comes from many years ago when I chose to study classical languages (greek and latin) and classical history & art for my degree in the early 1990’s. I have always been inspired by classical arts, mythology and philosophy. This passion for the ancient world, its religion and evolution to the modern day appears in much of my art. I also use and teach techniques learned about ancient art (e.g; iconography and mosaicing) in all my projects. So often, the children get a lesson in art history too.

My skills have also been useful in my work with the Greek Orthodox church in London, where I was commissioned to produce major mosaics (10t x 8ft) for the altar at Sts. Constantine & Helen, SE London, where there is a large Cypriot community. Understanding the meaning and forms of religious art and mosaics is vital before embarking on church projects. I have taken the opportunity of my stay in Cyprus to improve my knowledge of religious art by studying the art of iconography with one of Paphos’ most proficient iconographers, Mr Nikitas Eleni.

I produce reproductions of ancient mosaics, mainly due to demand. My own art is often symbolic, and I enjoy creating my own pieces of mosaic art as well as painting in different media. I have been regularly exhibiting paintings in and around London alongside my community projects with councils, schools or churches. Exhibition venues from 2000 to 2009 included the Horniman Museum , The Croydon Clocktower, Jeannie Avent Gallery, East Dulwich, The Dulwich Picture Gallery, The Brixton Open, C.P. Artists Open, as well as privately organised exhibition events.

Download Mary’s PDF portfolio here


Maria Etheridge

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My name is Maria Etheridge and I paint under my maiden name of VOLSCHENK.

Although mainly self-taught over many years, I spent three years studying with Elli Lestas of Tala Village, an M.A. in Fine Art, who guided me in acquiring skills in drawing as well as the finer points of working with colour.

In 2007 I studied watercolour painting with John Booth, former Drawing Master and Head of Art at Eton College, in Citta di Castello in Tuscany and in 2008 I studied Impressionist oil painting with Jerry Fresia in Lenno on Lake Como in Italy. This I intend doing again in September of this year.

Creative Heritage is the name under which I traded in South Africa when I managed my own art gallery and framing business. It’s a name I am very fond of and reluctant to let go. I felt the need to reclaim that name, in order to launch my creations onto the world-wide web. See my website: www.creativeheritage.net “David’s Boots” in acrylic and “Sunset Dip” in watercolour have been selected by my agents in California for possible use by Sony Ericson in an upcoming advertising campaign.

I settled in Cyprus in 2001 together with my husband and two boxer dogs. We were intent on doing all the things for which there never was time while earning a crust. Together, we probably got to know this island better than its inhabitants, touring incessantly whenever we could find the time.

In 2006, Cyprus established an annual Open Studios event in which I participate enthusiastically. I also belong to an art group who meet once a week at our local club and we paint for the joy of it.

Recently, I have been elected Deputy Chairman for the Paphos Writers’ Group of which I have been a member since 2001. Through mutual support, we have published, as a group and individually, several books, short stories and articles. I partially illustrated the compendium of short stories, poetry and anecdotes published by the Paphos Writers’ Group, fully sponsored by the Leptos Group of Companies and sold in aid of three charities.

In 2007 I self-published a novel entitled Hannah – Woman in Red and can be obtained from Hearns Bookshop in Coral Bay, Amazon or directly by following this link: http://www.lulu.com/content/946253

My philosophy My paramount intent is to create, to enrich my life and those of others. This I do by staying in the moment … in the breath between the breaths.

A lot has been said about staying in the moment, but until you know that this moment is the only guarantee you have, you will fail as your yesterdays and your tomorrows crowd out that which you need to grasp right now … right here.

People feel uncomfortable when you mention “soul” these days. But, when we create, we enrich our very essence – our Higher Self. We become better people who strive to populate a better world for ourselves and for others.

We are the sole custodians of our souls.

Download my PDF portfolio here


Costantia Manoli

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Every individual has a story; each story becomes a part of a generation of stories; and these in turn become a part of history and culture. The creation, telling and recording of these personal histories is a fundamental part of any culture; storytelling has brought people together for centuries and is almost a birthright, and a legacy. From the oral traditions of African tribes to the westernised televised storytelling of Jack-a-nory, the sharing of stories ensures that lives and experiences, myths and legends, imagination and fantasy stay very much alive.

Costantia tells the stories of her island; the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, an amber island. These are the stories in the faces of people she knows now; family and friends she has always known; and people she has never even met. It is because of this, her work is always focused on people. Each and every face and body is as unique as the story behind it. Her work seeks to capture the volumes written in the lines and textures, expressions and movement to produce an amber time-capsuled, individualised, yet almost universal history of human experience, thus thrusting both past and present into the future.

Costantia Manoli is a fine artist who specialises in portraiture and nude painting. She discovered she had a range of artistic abilities at an early age – art, writing and music – and has incorporated these into both pastimes and professions.

After studying English Literature in America and England – where she was published as a poet in various journals – Costantia went into the teaching profession and teaches English language, literature and drama at a private school in Larnaca. Painting in her spare time, Costantia’s earlier portraits were primarily in acrylic paint on foamcore or canvas and mainly featured family and friends, painted in a relatively realistic and always distinctive style.

Parallel to her teaching, she mentored students from both sides of the island in bi-communal workshops in America where her artistic talents were put to use in a range of creative activities aimed at bridging the gap between the two communities. It was during this time that her love affair with the diversity of people and their stories truly began, and her portraits began to take on a more mature approach, capturing and expressing the essence of the individual and their experiences in every brushstroke.

During a year of teaching at the prestigious Stanford University of California in 2007/8, Costantia honed her painting skills under the wing of the Bay Area painter Kevin Bean and explored different mediums and styles which led her to oils and the use of unconventional colour to twist the semi-realism of her previous portraits.