Female Artists Cyprus

“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

The First Ever Female Artist Expo in Cyprus April 12, 2010

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On 3rd April in Paphos, a select number of female artists displayed their Art at the first ever Female Artist Expo. Interestingly, the participants were residents in Cyprus from Britain, Scotland, Romania, Slovakia, Holland, Germany and Russia, making the Expo not only unique for female artists, but cosmopolitan too. (more…)


Silvia Hattum-Tauber

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Silvia Van Hattum-Tauber

I travelled and lived in Slovakia, Austria, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Beijing. I finally resided in Cyprus. Whilst living in the Far East I was very much attracted to the way the Chinese people painted,  a totally different way with different skills needed compared to the European paint.

By having lessons from various famous Chinese teachers I was able to master those skills. Painting on Chinese rice paper with Chinese watercolours… an art on its own. My paintings were successfully exhibited in Austria, Hong Kong, China and Cyprus.

My contact details:

Name: Silvia van Hattum-Tauber

Tel.no.: 26-936593

Mobile: 99-424682

e-mail: hattum@cytanet.com.cy

Commissions: Pls feel free to phone me…..

Download my PDF portfolio here