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“Beyond the Boundaries” – Design Clothes Exhibition & Sale December 4, 2010

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ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΑ:  Πέμπτη 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2010, 5 μ.μ. μέχρι αργά

ΘΕΜΑ : Beyond the Boundaries – Design Clothes Exhibition & Sale

Ο Πολιτιστικός Σύνδεσμος Πάνθεον & το κατάστημα του συνδέσμου The House of Larimeloon σας προσκαλεί στην παρουσίαση/ έκθεση της προσωπικής συλλογής της Σερβίδας σχεδιάστριας Lika Holzem με τίτλο  Beyond the Boundaries Την Πέμπτη 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2010, 5 μ.μ. μέχρι αργά

DATE: Thursday 9th of December 2010, 5 pm.

SUBJECT:  “Beyond the Boundaries” – Design Clothes Exhibition & Sale

The Pantheon Cultural Association & its concept store The House of Larimeloon would like to invite you to the exhibition/ presentation of the private collection of Serbian Designer Lika Holzem entitled

Beyond the Boundaries on Thursday 9th of December 2010, 5 pm.

Lika Holzem studied at the University of Art, Faculty for Applied Art, in the department of Costume Design andfell under the Atelier of Scenic Costume in Serbia.
Now living in Cologne, and since 1993 Lika has indulged into making costumes for theatrical performances andhas also side lined towards the applied arts with a number of solo and group exhibitions in Serbia, Germany andGreece.
Lika’s visit to Nicosia, Cyprus is indeed to present her most recent collection of hats, coats and bags, itemswhich she personally designs and makes predominantly using various fabrics which she personally makes out ofsoap, water, wool and buttons which are toned with very bright and lively colours and unique forms.
Today Lika creates her own collections of jewellery and clothes wear such as coats, hats and dresses.
From 5pm until late, visitors will have the opportunity to come and view the designer’s work as well as thedesigner herself. All items will be on sale.
As the designer explain, the title of the event, “Beyond the Boundaries”, was selected in association with theclothes the be presented, the pieces are unique and out of the ordinary, as all extravagant and one off items ofclothing, you have to feel them and perhaps, be brave enough to wear them.
For more information you can contact us on tel. 22670843
Tel: 22670843, info@pantheonculture.org, http://www.pantheoculture.orgEvagorou 40, Pantheon Building 2nd Floor, 1309, Nicosia


Cristina Countas April 5, 2010

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I was born in Romania and through marriage I came to Cyprus 25 years ago. I have studied mechanical engineering but I have not practiced my profession because I was always attracted to art. Until now I had four individual exhibitions, each one in a different field of art.
The first exhibition took place in 1993 at the Kourion hotel in Limassol and the opening was performed by late John Corbidge. The title was “Expressions of art through knitting” and I exhibited hand knitted jumpers being inspired by famous painters (Miró, Kandinsky, Klee, and John Corbidge). This exhibition was successful because of the originality of the work presented and was broadly commented and broadcasted on TV and published in “Selides” magazine.

As I do not like to repeat myself and being attracted to new challenges, in 1996 I tried a new domain of art in producing Christmas decorations. The name of the exhibition was “Holy night” and it took place at the Cultural exhibition center of the Bank of Cyprus. Dr Amerikos Arghyriou opened the exhibition and part of the proceeds was used to fund the Theotokos Foundation. The work shown had very original ideas expressed in sculptures, wall hangings, tapestry and table decorations. The appreciation of the visitors was felt through the amount of extra pieces ordered.
Having completed this subject I engaged myself in a new venture and started to carve and decorate ostrich and hen eggs. Again I had series inspired by my preferred painters (this time Miro and Robert Delaunay) as well as the famous Greek jeweler Elias Lalaounis. This time I exhibited my work in 2000 at my studio/house. The originality of the work attracted many visitors and buyers.
Trying to express my inner world as comprehensively as possible through art, last year I started studying silk painting. Since no help was available locally, I purchased many books that I studied thoroughly and started experimenting. The result being beyond my expectations.
I decided to show the beauty of this field of art in a new exhibition. The idea behind this exhibition was to present wearable art. My work comprises of kaftans, shawls, paintings and special evening wear all hand painted on pure silk and embroidered with Swarovsky crystals and colorful beads and sequins. The theme of the exhibition was “Metamorphosis through silk” and the symbol I used was the butterfly. It took place in Limassol at the Londa hotel on April 3rd being opened by the Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou. The duration was three days and it was widely publicized through many fashion magazines and shown on the local channels and Sigma TV.

The visitors appreciated the professionalism with which the whole venue was presented, having included a fashions show as well.