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“Be inspired by imaginary works – communicate through art creations.”

Maria Etheridge April 5, 2010

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My name is Maria Etheridge and I paint under my maiden name of VOLSCHENK.

Although mainly self-taught over many years, I spent three years studying with Elli Lestas of Tala Village, an M.A. in Fine Art, who guided me in acquiring skills in drawing as well as the finer points of working with colour.

In 2007 I studied watercolour painting with John Booth, former Drawing Master and Head of Art at Eton College, in Citta di Castello in Tuscany and in 2008 I studied Impressionist oil painting with Jerry Fresia in Lenno on Lake Como in Italy. This I intend doing again in September of this year.

Creative Heritage is the name under which I traded in South Africa when I managed my own art gallery and framing business. It’s a name I am very fond of and reluctant to let go. I felt the need to reclaim that name, in order to launch my creations onto the world-wide web. See my website: www.creativeheritage.net “David’s Boots” in acrylic and “Sunset Dip” in watercolour have been selected by my agents in California for possible use by Sony Ericson in an upcoming advertising campaign.

I settled in Cyprus in 2001 together with my husband and two boxer dogs. We were intent on doing all the things for which there never was time while earning a crust. Together, we probably got to know this island better than its inhabitants, touring incessantly whenever we could find the time.

In 2006, Cyprus established an annual Open Studios event in which I participate enthusiastically. I also belong to an art group who meet once a week at our local club and we paint for the joy of it.

Recently, I have been elected Deputy Chairman for the Paphos Writers’ Group of which I have been a member since 2001. Through mutual support, we have published, as a group and individually, several books, short stories and articles. I partially illustrated the compendium of short stories, poetry and anecdotes published by the Paphos Writers’ Group, fully sponsored by the Leptos Group of Companies and sold in aid of three charities.

In 2007 I self-published a novel entitled Hannah – Woman in Red and can be obtained from Hearns Bookshop in Coral Bay, Amazon or directly by following this link: http://www.lulu.com/content/946253

My philosophy My paramount intent is to create, to enrich my life and those of others. This I do by staying in the moment … in the breath between the breaths.

A lot has been said about staying in the moment, but until you know that this moment is the only guarantee you have, you will fail as your yesterdays and your tomorrows crowd out that which you need to grasp right now … right here.

People feel uncomfortable when you mention “soul” these days. But, when we create, we enrich our very essence – our Higher Self. We become better people who strive to populate a better world for ourselves and for others.

We are the sole custodians of our souls.

Download my PDF portfolio here


Barbara Maddox

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Barbara.A.Maddox. BA(Hons) Dip.Eur.Hum.

Artist Statement.

Mediums : Acrylic, Water-colour, Encaustic Wax.

Barbara arrived on the beautiful island of Cyprus following a successful Artistic career in Britain, where she taught and exhibited widely, with many solo exhibitions. She was also artist in residence at Euchan House Gallery, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

For many years Barbara was a member of the Dumfries and Galloway Fine Arts Society and was regularly accepted into their prestigious annual exhibition which covers the south of Scotland and attracts visitors from all over the world.

This area of Scotland is also where Barbara had her own studio/gallery and which due to the location has had a lasting effect on her work of Landscape painting. The ever changing light and the majestic mountains are a particular focal point in her work and are often commented upon.

The depth of colour of the Acrylic Palette is particularly suited to this Artists work. Barbara is adept at depicting the realism and truth to nature which is an important component in the field of Landscape painting.

Barbara also uses the medium of Water-colour, at times preferring the soft muted tonal colours in contrast to the brilliance of the Acrylic palette.

Another medium which Barbara uses is Encaustic Wax. This medium offers the opportunity to link the modern palette with the Ancient, as Encaustic wax art dates back to the Ancient Egyptians who used to paint images on the Sarcophagus of Mummies, some of which still survive today.

Encaustic means literally to burn in, it is a method of painting with sticks of coloured Bees wax which is melted onto hot irons and applied in such a way as to form an image. Paint brushes are not used in this Artists work as all the detail is made by the delicate use if the and flat surface of the irons.

Contact Details…..

Clumber Lodge,

11 Agiou Georgiou,


Paphos 8541,


Tel,  97624910

Web Site   www.inspired-bynature.co.uk

Email Address   Maddox.graham3@googlemail.com

Download Barabara’s PDF portfolio here